Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 7, The First Planting.

My small dome cabin is at the top right.

I planted a long row of peas (Witkiem Fava, Oregon Giant Snow, Monk, and Monmouth Melting Sugar along the path here. Also sprinkled in Mixed mustard greens. Along a 7 foot trellis I planted Super Sugar Snap, Golden Snow, and Maestro. I scattered 4 oz. of white clover seed all around the garden and into the woods.

The green in the center-left is the planting of bunch onions I got from the grocery store. I took 2 harvests of green onions last fall and they are ready to be used again. I've been a failure at growing onions, garlic, and leeks till now. These perennial onions grow in poor soil without care and are available fresh, year round.

The only other plant to remain a very healthy green through the winter was triple curled parsley (the flat died). I'm planning on a winter garden this year and will probably find more plants that remain green through the winter. Maybe it's just me but I think a winter time soup or stew is better with a few fresh items in it.