Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 19

Old Reliable: Texas Hill County Okra

As I looked over my drought damaged garden I noticed this stand of THCO. This will be my 4th year of growing it. This is the most trouble free plant I grow. (If you don't call picking it every other day trouble.) Pests, disease, poor soil, drought--no problem.

The Contender bush beans that I was so happy with were wiped out by a foliage disease. Luckily I planted the Contender seeds mixed with Razorback cowpeas. The Razorback cowpeas are untroubled by disease and are cranking out the pods. The pods are held above the plant and are easy to pick.

The Chinese Red Noodle pole beans have put out a very heavy first picking, much heavier than regular pole beans like Kentucky Wonder.

The Lion's Tail (Wild Dagga) Is growing like a weed. I'm looking forward to the flower harvest in a few weeks.

Matt's Wild Cherry tomato is again the most productive tomato by far. Only my second year of growing it, I suspect in another couple of years I'll call it Old Reliable.

The Litchi Tomato plants are at the edge of the garden, growing well in poor soil. Lots of fruit set. I'll have to make a harvesting tool to avoid the thorns.

Tribute and Sarian strawberries have set fruit and are growing vigorously without care.

The Pike cataloupes are growing better than any previous 'loupes and are flowering. Maybe, maybe.

Cherokee popcorn wiped out again. Coons last year, possums this year.

Happy Day! 1.5 inches of rain this morning (7/21)