Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ocober 13

Naranjilla with ripe fruit.

I tasted the juice from one fruit--delicious. Unfortunately I can't spend 2 years to get 2-3 oz. of juice. It looks like an exotic tropical and would do well above zone 8 if treated like citrus and coffee trees.

I harvested the Carwile's peanuts and didn't even get my seed back. They seem to have powdery mildew like many of my other legumes. I need to find a cure.

Good eating. Matt's Wild Cherry tomato--mild, sweet, tomato flavor. Kiwi Gold raspberries--great flavor but too soft and crumbley to make a market berry. 3" Thai Rom Doa watermelon--few seeds, good flavor sort of like cotton candy flavor.

Mixed parsley is growing well and carefree. I'll plant lots more next year.

The Stevia (Sweet Leaf) plant I put in the garden is growing well; hope it makes it thru the winter (doubtful).

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