Friday, January 1, 2010

Jerry Stoppel

I'm putting Jerry Stoppel up for Google to harvest.

Jerry died Christmas of a broken heart. He spent 2 years drinking himself to death.

There will be a wake at his house 1/3/10.

Come by or email me.

Jerry taught me how to grill a rare fillet. He told me of his grandfathers and father's trips to Kansas to harvest. He told me of corn squeezins, He told me of living off your garden. Thanks, Jerry.


Walhausen's English Mastiffs said...

I just now learned of Jerry's passing on while visiting your blog; known him since the 'WAGON WHEEL', ES days in the early 90s. So many are leaving too early. I was told by an old horticulturist, in my very young years, "The minute you start breathing, is the minute you start dieing, it's what you do with each breath that counts..."

woodsy_gardener said...

Jerry told me many fine memories of the Wagon Wheel, he still has a cap and menu.

Funeral Services will be Wed. Jan 13 at 2:00 at Nelson's Chapel of the Springs in Eureka Springs.

Anonymous said...

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