Friday, December 17, 2010

This Spring: 150 Varieties.

I had an accident Halloween and haven't been out to Stony End since then. I wonder if any of my winter garden is still growing. Between the varmints and temperatures in the teens I doubt if much is left. Oh, well; time to plan the Spring garden. I got my seeds in place and this looks to be the plan. Many of these seeds came from trades; the rest come from Baker Creek, Pinetree, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and Native Seed SEARCH.

Proven varieties are marked with a *. All others are in testing.

Tomato: *Huando, *Indian Stripe, *Matt's Wild Cherry.
Pepper: *Steve's Anaheim, *Tulip (aka Balloon Pepper).
Eggplant: Brazilian Oval Orange, Diamond, Early Black Egg,
Ma-Zu Purple.
Tomatillo: Chinese Lantern Gigantea, Everon-Large Green,
Mt. Pima, Purple, Tepehuan, Zuni.
Other: *Land Race Ground Cherry, *Chichiquelite, *Litchi Tomato.

Watermelon: *Hopi Red, Jemeze, Jumanos, Katanya,
*Melitapolski, Northstar, Strawberry, Sweet Siberian.
Cantaloupe: Amber Nectar, Joseph's Early,
Joseph's Most Productive, Old North Carolina Heirloom,
*Old West Virginia Heirloom.
Other: *Horned melon (aka Jelly Melon)

Pepo: Styrian Pumpkin, Lady Godiva.
Maxima: Australian Butternut.
Mixta: *Silver Edge.
Moschata: Kikuza, Mayo Kama, Seminole Pumpkin, Shishigatani,
Steve's Butternut, Sucrine du Berry, Tahitian Melon,
Thai Rai Kan Tok, Musquee du Berry, Chiriman, Black Futsu.
Edible Gourds: Cucuzza, *Sicilian Serpent, Thai Bottle gourd.
Other: Luffa.

Bush: *Alaska, Desiree Dwarf, *Steve's Snow Pea.
Pole: Alderman, Golden Sweet, Lancashire Lad, Sugar Snap,
Super Sugar Snap,Wando.
Broadbean: Imperial Green Long Pod.

Bush: Dragon Tongue, Painted Pony, Kabarika, *Royal Burgundy.
Pole: Christmas Lima, *Hopi Red Lima, *Marengo Romano,
Mayflower, New Mexico Cave, Rattlesnake, Trail of Tears,
Turkey Craw.

Bush: Big Boy, Mayo Calima, Mississippi Silver, Purple Hull,
Red Ripper.
Yard long, Pole: Anna's Taiwan Long, Sitao.

Bunch Onions: *Tokyo Long White, Crimson Forest, Deep Purple.
Other: Chives, *Chinese Chives (aka Garlic Chives).

Lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson, Lolla Rosa, Jerico Romaine.
Mustard: *Boston Mt. Land Race, *Thick Stem volunteer, Southern Giant.
Kale: *Ragged Jack (aka Red Russian)
Other: *Blood Sorrel,Cilantro/Coriander, Creasy Greens, Culantro,
Florence Fennel, Kang Kong-Upland, Lovage, Edible Chrysanthemum,

Amaranth: *Callaloo.
Other: Alfalfa, Blue Bonnet Rice, Dragon's Claw Millet, Pennuda Oats.

Okra: Burmese, Cajon Jewel, Charley's Fat Pod, Gold Coast, Lee,
Pitre's Short Bush Red Cowhorn.
Asparagus: Mary Washington, Precoce D'Argenteuil.
Rhubarb: Paragon, Victoria.
Chia: Desert, Crown Jewels,
Tobacco: Mennonite, Samuel Mudd's.
Other: Flax, Sesame.

Echinacea: *Puporea, Paradoxa, Augustafollia.
Basil: *Lime.
Oregano: *Greek
Dill: *Bouquet, Thai
Other recommended: *Lemon Bee Balm, *Catnip, *Borage,
*Lemon Balm, *Lion's Tail, *Stevia, *Toothache Plant, *Yarrow,
Other: Grandview Catmint, German Chamomile, Roman
Chamomile, Mexican Mint, Soapworth, Tarragon,
Vietnamese Mint.

Asclepias: Incarnata, Syriaca, Tuberosa.
Other: *Heavenly Blue Morning Glories, Ball's Orange Calendula,
Petite Marigold, Dwarf Jewel Nasturtiums, Wild Plum, Dog Rose, Sugar Pear.

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