Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dr. Samuel Mudd's Tobacco

Thanks to the heat and drought I have only enough seeds for replanting. I will have tobacco seeds for sale though. A friend is the great-great-granddaughter of Dr. Samuel Mudd and still grows tobacco from seeds that have been passed down from his father. She still uses the Sun drying technique that he learned from his father. She gave me seeds that I shared with Steve my tobacco chewing neighbor. He planted out the seeds along with a tobacco he has been growing for many year and liked Dr. Mudd's tobacco so much that he let his previous tobacco die from lack of water. No crossing of seed that way. He took a harvest and left many leaves on to mature the seeds. Above is a picture of his Dr. Mudd's tobacco after he took a harvest and the seeds are beginning to mature.

Once the seeds are mature and dry here's the deal I'll be offering:
200 Dr. Samuel Mudd's tobacco seeds.
Steve's How to grow tobacco from seed.
Luanna's history of Dr. Samuel Mudd's participation in the Lincoln assassination, a story that I found fascinating. Not only what he did but why.

$5, postage paid.
A pretty good bargain considering what others charge: $7 for 100 seeds plus $3 shipping.

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