Sunday, April 15, 2012

Landrace, Ho!

I've moved to my cabin 2 flats up from my garden. What a year, so far. Everything is planted, tomato starts, melons, squash, Southern peas, 1 month earlier than usual. I can no longer say I have poor soil; 6 years of leaf mulching and nitrogen from legumes and urine has given me a brown, light, rich smelling soil. It has lots of earthworms, the guys that do the hard work around my garden.

Now that I have my own seeds from varieties that grow well in my garden I'm going to increase the genetic diversity of these plants by allowing them to cross. I'll save seeds from the most productive plants and allow those plants to cross. With as few plants as I grow I can't really call the result a landrace but I can call them Ozark adapted, genetically diverse seeds.

No Internet at my cabin so updates may be months away.

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